Company profile

Shenzhen Jieyi Technology Co., Ltd. is an excellent supplier of smart home products and solutions in China. The company pays attention to users'needs, insists on R&D investment and continuous innovation, realizes the intellectualization of life, office, Hotel and other scenes, and creates a safer, comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly living environment for users. The company has accumulated rich experience in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and mobile Internet of Things. With the comprehensive advantages of both hardware and software, it has ranked among the top smart home industries.

Our vision is to meet the quality of life needs of users, help users create better social, economic and environmental effects in a low-carbon and environmentally friendly way, and become an important supporting force for the construction of smart cities around the world. Through the technology of mobile Internet of things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, we realize the interconnection and interoperability between devices, and construct four intelligent systems: intelligent life, intelligent lighting, intelligent security, intelligent household appliances and so on.